Loreto, BCS

If you are a Dorado junkie, you've probably heard that there were no sardinas in Loreto this year. I just got back about a week ago and have to say, I wish I was a bait guy. There were lots of fish, lots of Sargasso, but it was darned hard to keep the dorado interested in a cast fly. We would come up to a Sargoasso patch and see about 10 -20 fish down deeper, but maybe could get one at best excited. Others did a little better, but all the patches were getting worked pretty hard by the bait guys. My partner and I were pretty much limted to trolling for fish. We did manage to catch a few on a cast fly, most were free swimmers where we spotted the "v's" while trolling. I did manage a sail, a small marlin, some dorado ( and some over 40 that were lost due to my stupidity). We also went south to Monsorat and caught some small roosters - 15 - 20, on trolled Big-Eye. All in all it was a good trip, but I wish I knew the answer to why no normal sardinas. There were some very small ones out in the blue water and we encountered some unbelievable bait balls with skippies and birds working, but I'm not sure if these are a different species or just late blooming regular sardines. Either the panga skippers dont' know or they don't understand the question.


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