Thingamabobbers on flies


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For several years I've seen small thingamabbobers (tmb) attached to the top of some large attractor flies, the idea being that they make the flies more bouyant. Help me with this. Since the tmb is on top of the fly, isn't that like saying having a sealed 55 gal. barrel on your lap when you are in your 'toon makes it more bouyant. It ain't addin bouyancy, its addin weight! Or am I wrong? (I have been b4. April 8, 1952 at 3:34 p.m. to b exact.) It just seem like they're doin what us country folk call "pissin on our feet and callin it rain". Help, please.


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if it catches fish and they are released without being out of the water what dif does it make. thank you fish for making my day. mike w

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I've used a couple. They can get hammered to hell and back and still stay on the surface and/or surface layer of the water. No need to use floatant, dry the fly or anything. Sure they might not ride as high as you would think...until you think that this fly's floatation device is located on its back, of course its belly will get wet.
As for the 55 gallon barrel in my lap, well, if it is full of air and sealed, me and the barrel combined are more buoyant (but that makes me the belly of that fly and that barrel might be holding me in the strike zone...and I might need a snorkel.


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There should be an e dead cat device in this forum so you could e whack answers with an e dead cat. Ah figgered it out. The pist on feet scenario is applicable.

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