Deer Park-Obstruction Peak Day Hike


"Chasing Riseforms"
Last Tuesday I took an 8 mile roundtrip hike from Deer Park towards Obstruction Peak in the Olympics with some friends. I am basically quite out of shape and trying to lose some lbs. besides get my old heart pumping. I have a long way to go and am easily 10 lbs. overweight and am now 64. Hopefully this old fat man will get a hold of this life left to live! The hike from Deer Park to Obstruction Peak is 7.6 miles and basically is a constant fair climb that direction along the ridge. It is a ridge hike with the first part within the alpine firs. It's all beautiful and a great day hike. If you have a friend, one could start from Obstruction Peak and the other from Deer Park, then switch cars at each end. We hiked in a little over halfway and climbed Maiden Peak, then headed back. The climb from Deer Park to Maiden peak rises about 1200 feet and is about 4 miles. A great family hike! The hike starts and drops downhill around 200 feet then makes the climb, first thru the alpine firs and then breaks out still atop the ridge with views of the Olympic peaks all along the way. If you get a chance, go do it! This out of shape old man did. The photos are not in sequence.


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