Delia's Squid.... Squid?

I went scouting for early coho in MA-9 Monday and played with a couple small resident coho before calling it quits several hours later. I did see a couple nice football sized coho jump, but never got close to them. I decided to head for my favorite Searun beach on Hood Canal... which is where I always end up after being frustrated by salmon. Interestingly, I didn't see a cutthroat all day, but was very surprised to feel a slight tug and pull this little monster in.... definitely a first for me. The best part of this oddity was that I was fishing with Jeff Delia's pattern, the Delia's Squid, so not sure whether this was love or cannibalism. Either way it was a hilarious by catch!

Delia\'s Squid-squid (480x640).jpg Delia\'s Squid-Squid 2 (640x480).jpg
It was love, I have caught squid in the south sound squid jigging during the day in shallow water before in July and August. There seems to be a good number of them around already this year so hopefully it will be a good squid jigging season this winter. That's super cool that you caught one fly fishing though, that's something I have yet to do.
Always funny catching bait while fly fishing. Couple years back Amie caught a herring and still talks about it because its something on her species list I still do not have

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Anecdotally I just wanted to say that Jeff's fly is superb on Cutthroat and Salmon. Fishing with Jeff one day down on Hood Canal he schooled me thoroughly with that mighty little fly, catching salmon after salmon.


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hahahaha i have done that very same thing in purdy night fishing with glow squids. i hooked one and had no idea what the hell was going on till i saw it. that squid is how my dad came up with the Squid-lisios. a fly in the Gig Harbor Fly Shop. great pattern and you can't get any closer to an imitation.


A couple of months ago I tied up a top water version of Delia's conehead squid pattern and have landed a lot of sea run cutthroat with this pattern. The hook up ratio has been very good. It is one of my go to top water patterns. Sometime I am going to fish it in tandem with a top water sand lance pattern. It would be pretty exciting to have fish chasing after each pattern in unision. If that happens, I will probably be smiling as I fall out of the boat!




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Nice pattern and thanks for sharing Beachman. Do you vary the color at all, say more off-white-ish?
oh yea.. it is made out of layered baitfish emulater from hareline. you can do just the pearl white or any color you can think of under the pearl. the colors we tie are the pink, blue, and chartreuse.

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