Pattern Sand Lance patterns

Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
This one is my favorite and final design. Works great and "swims" real nice. It is a four feather flatwing on Gamakatsu SC15 #2. Good size for sea-run cutthroats and I've been taking small silvers on it too.

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Jack, my favorite yet. The coloration is perfect. I would expect lots of fish on this fly. I would greatly appreciate it if you would post the materials list for this beauty. I have not hit the vise since adopting Fisher, my Mini Australian Shepherd. Got him out for a few hours of mooching for Chinook with Steve Knapp yesterday. This flat wing has me itching to get back to the vise. Thanks buddy. Fisher meets Flounder.jpg
Whats the matterial on top of the coneheaded fly?
Is it peacock?
Nice looking ties!
Thanks for sharing,
Yes Ben, it is Peacock. A dyed herl I think Olive Brown but you could use natural too. I use both.
Fun to play around with these patterns.
I fished them earlier today in Area 9 and caught 3 Chinook. Unfortunately, they were only 10 inches long!

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