sun lakes area report

Went on the anual family camping trip with my girlfriend to sun lakes state park and had a great time. Got a bit of fishing in, although it was a bit slow. I met up with triploidjunkie Saturday and we went and caught some nice rainbows. It was nice meeting triploid junkie and he was nice enough to show me around and get me into some fish. Spen the rest of the trip mostly fishing for warm water fish with the exception of some kokanee. Unfortunately for some reason I can not access on my computer to post any pics so this report is coming from my cell phone. However, I do have a full report and pics on my blog for anyone who is interested. Thanks again triploidjunkie for showing us around, I hope to return the favor some day when you make it over to the wet side.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Loved the blog, you do hit a variety of fisheries, nice! The catfish on the fly is a cool bonus, one that I've managed a few times, but never a given. I've tried hooking up with trip a few times but have always managed to flake out somehow, so color me jealous.

Thanks for the report.