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I thouhgt I would start a new thread so we didn't have to go through the complete original thread to see what is happening. (Even though the new server rocks!!)

Bob, it is getting close to deadline time. I was wondering how we are doing on meeting the deadline? It looked like we had quite a few submitted so far.

Well, the old post gives my address and I had trouble with this on another swap which was also fractured.
So I repeat it here:

Robert J. Lawless
120 Pioneer Dr.
Port Ludlow, WA. 98365
United States of America

We have five (5) swappers in the net and two (2) on a long line. Five (5) are still prowling the depths.

BTW Your Adams were just great. I know those suckers will take fish; I can hardly keep from biting them myself.

Bob, the No, I don't eat trout flies.:beer1


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>Robert J. Lawless
>120 Pioneer Dr.
>Port Ludlow, WA. 98365
>United States of America

Hey! Everyone visit Bob! Now! :beer1 :beer2 :beer1 :beer2 :beer1 :+

Jay Allyn

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Did you get mine yet Bob? (mabey tomarrow as mail stoppes moving on Sundays)

edit: sounds like you got them Bob (the Hi-Vis Olive Tricos).


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Mine are going out today. Since government workers got a freebie on Friday, the country is now one full business day behind for no logical reason...
Got a Bundle of Beauties Today!

Received flies from:

NWFLYFISHER--Send some perfect Trico Parachutes and a "House Lot and Variant" size 12 for me. Since I am the sole judge of the Washington State Fly Fishing Championship this might be seen as a bribe. No such thing! Bribes always welcome.

JAY ALLYN---Got some beautiful HI-Vis Olive Tricos with an extra chironomid emerger and PMD for the judge. My God, but there is some real talent in this state, far exceeding anything there might be in Or,CA,Id, Mt. Wy. Co or Ut, Nv or the like. If you beg to differ, send me some flies or money and I'll see.

And then there is PRESTON SINGELTARY who sent in his "Trailing Shuck Parachute Emerger." Awesome is all.
No wonder Preston is Preston. I feel bad seeing $3.00 arrive under separate cover for postage when all you paid was $0.49 to get them to me. I put the extra money in the bribe, I mean, donations for the needy envelope.

So there's still a few days left but not many. Get dem flies in here. BTW the address is 120 not 129 Pioneer Dr.

The mail lady gave me the what for today for my mistype.

Bob, the These flies are tiny but oh so DEADLY:beer2
Got some flies today from Brendan
Mason of Mountlake Terrace. No name or tags.

Look like mosquitos to me. I put one on my arm and it started to itch. Great flies! Damn but we are good!

Bob, the Got to count 'em up in a few days and put the arm on the bad boys.

So far, looking good. And this is the Washington State Championship. What an honor just to be invited!

Bob, the Yea, I'm on this like neutrons on protons.:professor

Kent Lufkin

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In his post originating this swap, Bob wrote:

>>The closing date (no exceptions ) is June 15 so these flies are ready for use during the regular dry fly season.<<

So Bobbo, today's June 17th. Maybet it's time to divide up the flies you have on hand and send them out along with the extras we tied for those who didn't make the deadline?
Bob, I am with Fortuna on this. If we are supposedly responsible and qualified fly tyers, seems that being on time shouldn't be to much to ask. I say make Saturday's mail the deadline. If you don't have them by then or a recent promise to get them to you ASAP, I say close the swap, and distribute the extras accordingly.

Wazoo, "the not so patient"
I told you guys that Fortuna was all knucles. SO BE IT.
If you ain't in Saturday's mail or have no good excuse on file, then you ain't.

You don't get the flies on squat let alone some State Championship Entries.

If Ok, I'll send a complete assortment to Macwoody for placing them in the gallery for immortality. Maybe we have a cheaper offer out there...someone who might want to suck up to the State Champion for example; you just know has to be able to fish and he may let you wheel his dolly full of flies throught the brush for him.

Bob, the I was a caddy; I could wheel some flies.:p
Sound good, but maybe we should give him half now, and half when the job is complete. That way we know he'll deliver.}(

I would be willing to take the photos for free. Granted, mine aren't as pretty as Mac's - but then again, I'm no extortionist. :p