Problem(?) with site ads: I'm suddenly rather popular!


I don't know if others have already mentioned this, I did a site search before posting but didn't find anything.

The "problem" is this:

I'm consistently getting, in the ads banner at the top, "interesting" proposals from various very beautiful ladies. They seem very keen to be my friends, even though I'm a happily married guy with a beautiful new-born baby girl!

Knowing a little bit about how the Internet works, I would understand it if I'm an assiduous frequenter of other websites that would elicit such an interest from above-mentioned ladies, but I'm not, so it seems to be a random thing.

I put "problem" in inverted commas precisely because it's not such a big deal. I was just wondering if there was a way to make the ads more fly-fishing relevant, although I would hesitate to make the sweeping statement that beautiful women are not of interest to fly-anglers...

Thanks much,


dead in the water
Chris uses network ads in spots that aren't site sponsor ad locations (such as the top of the page). With network ads, while you can adjust things somewhat, you mostly get what you get. Being located in Italy, you probably are getting the real dregs through the networks since most US based ad networks are pretty limited in what they have for overseas ad inventory. US companies often want to advertise in just the USA (or their specific marketing budget might just be for the USA or N America). So more relevant ads that might appear to the rest of us via the ad networks wouldn't show to a foreign viewer.

In addition, since he sells site sponsorship ads/packages himself, it wouldn't make business sense for him to allow fishing ads in through a (likely) cheaper "backdoor" such as the ad networks. Why would someone pay for a site sponsorship package when they could get their ads in front of the same people much more cheaply via the network ads?

Ah the joys of internet business.
Patrick, Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm already one of those paranoid types that clears everything (cache, cookies, history, etc) when I close the browser (Chrome, in this case).

Right now I'm no longer getting proposals from beautiful Thai and Russian women, but I'm still getting ads for "A Baltic Wife". Oh well.

you can blockthe ads - get an 'ad blocker' add-on for your browser and make it run all the time. thats what i do, on google chrome. Saves all the hassle of seeing stuff you dont necessarily want to see. The one i use is Ad Block Plus - free download

I see web pages how they used to be seen before google, microsoft, yahoo and everyone sold out to advertising

Great minds think alike, I installed ABP a few minutes after my last post -- I usually try to keep things as simple as possible and I actually don't mind ads if they're relevant, but decided this time that I'd had enough of enticing East European women offering me their affections :) .


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