Kate 2/0 (Kelson)

Aint tied a salmon fly in a while, so the last few nights i've been working on Kate

Pretty happy with some things in that i was able to get a roof mounted successfully using a new method, though it did split when i started messing around with it before i mounted the topping.
The topping, too long and not real pretty in terms of structure.
Head i'm pretty happy with as i used some of my homemade wax, of which i have enough to last me three life times.

Tip, tag, butt, body transition is a bit better than my previous effort on the Tom Tickler from Hardy i posted a while back. I'm pretty happy with the body transition (used mohair as i'd no seal) and the rib, hackle etc worked out pretty well.
Tail may still be a fraction too high

Wing is probably too long again, though i did have a better time mounting it after i moistened the fibers with some spit.
Wasnt sure about the thin Grey Mallard in the wing (subbed for gadwell as i had no mallard), so i put it on after the main wing.

Overall, i'm pretty happy, improved and achieved some new things.
Obviously still lots too work on.

EDIT: Just realized i forgot to include the horns....

Nicely done Eunan, I think the body and hackle is very nice, have you tried soaking your GP crests and letting them dry on different size cylinders to get the correct shape you want for your tails and toppings? It works well and less waste. All and all I think it's a great effort, you'll have these down in no time.

Thanks guys

Mark, tried everything with the toppings. Its just coming down to being ultra selective and the patience to be ultra selective.
I've 4 topping heads....selecting through all four to find the right one each time.

One of these days i'm gonna pluck all the heads and sort them by size.....much easier go to a little box and pick on out than guess the size on the head.

Havent tied a classic in about two months before this on, so a bit rusty, and as you know, consistently tying them gives you the eye for the details.

Thanks again folks for checking in on the post.


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You did well on this fly and a very few minor adjustments will make it world class.

This is one my favorite classics. It is also a very effective winter steelhead fly, especially if you leave the blue out of the wing as Maxwell and Francis list in their dressing for KATE.

As you stated, your wing is too long, but this is a function of the length of your tail. The tail isn't too high, it is too long, which then means your wing needs to be too long to match the tail. The tail is best about 3/4ths to 1 shank length long from its tie-in spot.

You placed the grey mallard (gadwall) correctly as a side after the main wing was tied in, albeit it is bit long due to the longish wing. This is where it should be placed.

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