WFF Follow Up, just a few weeks away from the 2 Fly.....

Jerry Daschofsky

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Ok, we're still looking at needing a couple more boats. We're going up this weekend and doing our recon for the 2 Fly, hitting up the shops for their donated boats (more like confirming they're still in). With their 6, we'll be at around 18 boats there, possibly 19. We need a solid 20, and would like to have at least 2-4 boats there in reserve (we lost 2 last minute last year).

So if you're in for rowing and have a flyfishing setup driftboat/raft/cataraft with liability insurance go to the thread pinned above and pile on. Also, if you're interested in volunteering behind the scenes, let me know above as well. Have a list piling up now. :)




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I may be able to bring a friends boat over.. He may even come and help out.. I don't know what insurance he has on it, but will check for you.

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