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Hey guys-

I posted in the saltwater section earlier, but I just moved here from Charlottesville VA, originally from SLC, UT. I never gave bass a second thought on a fly rod until I was in VA for the past 4 years, and now I can't get enough of them. I work at the Childern's Hospital and was wondering if anyone can point me to water I can throw a popper or minnow pattern after work and try to get into some bronze backs, or large mouth? I have a kick boat, but also love wading so anywhere is just fine. If you are ever headed out to Chartlottesville, let me know and I can let you know where some great river and pond bass hold.



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The problems with after work evening fishing is the traffic. Going 20 miles anywhere in the evening around here is a struggle. Try to find something close so you can maximize your fishing time. You mentioned you had fished for bass. Almost every small lake around here has a population of LM bass and it is prime topwater time.
Some offer carp as well.
Lakes like Bitter, Haller, Ballinger, Green etc will put out fish. Your kickboat will open up your opportunities.
Don't overlook Lake Washington. Lots of access points. Just stay close to shore and you might be suprised with the species it offers.
Check out Portage bay/ Union Bay they are on either side of the Montlake Cut. I've heard that the bass fishing can be good in both. Access to Union Bay would be through the UW's waterfront activity center, some small pocket parks on the side closer to Children's or through the Arboretum. The last one gets you access to the weed beds under the 520 viaducts. Access to Portage Bay would be through some street ends on the South side or through the UW's property on the North side. Renting a kayak from Agua Verde or a canoe from the Waterfront Activity Center would be a good way to do a tour of the area and check out the fishy spots. You don't really want to go through the Montlake Cut in your kickboat. Powerboat traffic is very high and sets up some nasty waves between the walls of the cut.


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You are about five minute away the Marsh Island and the Forest Island Trail where the old Museum of History and Industry was off of 24th. I haven't been down there in a long time but you might try down there. It is the south end of the Mount Lake Cut. Lots of brushy shoreline. A boat is recommended .
Early morning time (before the sun hits the water) along the Montlake Cut. Smallmouth will be on the prowl. There are footpaths along both sides.
I can head out after work on Wednesday. I work at UWMC and could rent a canoe from the center here for cheap. I've never fished the area or for anything other than trout, but I would be game.

I have a canoe, and a place to launch it 5 minutes from children's. I live really close. I'm in AK guiding right now, but when i get back in 10 days I would be super down. hit me back - Steve

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