Waterstrider Rafts

Brian Miller

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The Waterstrider has the flat bottom without side pockets like a Watermaster Grizzly, and Inflatable seat like a Scadden Assault. I've purchased accessories from Dave at reasonable prices and fast shipping.


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The Waterstrider raft is the same design as the former Wilderness Access raft. I'm not sure of the history between Waterstrider and Wilderness Access, but, I suspect there is some common roots to them.

I have a Wilderness Access. I think they're great boats, the inflatable seat is comfy. However, it does tend to leak after a while. They're a durable boat, that should give you many years of service.

I have had a Wilderness Access for about 8 years and love it. Never has leaked a bit and will do some gnarly water. I use it on rivers and on lakes in place of a float tube. It may be a little slower than the Scadden Assault in a long stretch of flat water because it is not rockered, but i would buy a Water Strider in an instant. And it tracks great for fishing. I ordered some stuff from them and got an immediate email from Dave that he was shipping it that day--and he did. Great guy. You'll love the boat.
Bill, thanks very much for the strong Water Strider endorsement. Blue, yes...I have the Renegade and love it. I've got float tubes and small aluminum boats. I'm just always interested in watercraft, and as for purchasing another one, I would "never say never".

"I'm just always interested in watercraft, and as for purchasing another one, I would "never say never"."

Now, that's the proper attitude. I just took my Rengade down the 14 mile stretch of the Clark Fork. Damn, that thing tracks and maneuvers well!
Abel slapped their name on the waterstrider back in the late 90s. I bought one and its still going strong. For Steve Abel to slap his label on them they must be good.

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