The Ultimate Fly Fishing Vehicle?


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Could this be the one? Click the link below to see the Dodge Sprinter van. It gets 25 mpg (diesel) with its turbo diesel engine. If its fuel injection system is anything like the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, it might be possible to swap out the chip set to change the performance of the engine. Maximum head room is 73". Also, Airstream and Westphalia are doing a joint-venture R/V version. Sounds pretty cool to me.


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My Ideal fishing vehicle is an old beater car that nobody wants to steal. Like that 93 Subaru wagon that I drive. It looks like hell but runs good. 27 miles to the gallon. All wheel drive and I'm not afraid to take it into the bushes.



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"The Ultimate Fly Fishing Vehicle" paid for!
The Toyota Tacoma?? What are you guys smokin'? Those things are small and cramped, ride like a buckboard and are overpriced. Sure, they last a long time but so does an anvil.;-) ;) Ive
The only thing that would make that a great fly fishing
rig would be if it was 4wd and had an option for removable
camping interior like the, hate to say it , Vanagan.
I also vote for the Toyota Tacoma. Actually, any Toyota pickup will do. Chrysler products don't rank highly on my list. A Dodge will only ride as smooth as the tow truck pulling it.

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Actually, the best one I had seen (up until last week) was a friends vehicle when I was younger. He had one of those old 4x4 Blazers from 73-75' (think his was a 75'). Can't remember what they were called, but instead of the full convertible top they had that year, they had a camper shell on them. Was nice, room to move, place to sleep, cook, and store fishing equiptment.

BUT, a friend sent me a link from ebay motors. There is a 4x4 motorhome that is COOL!!!!!! Has a double axle (guess it would be a 10x10 since two double axles and all axles are locked in). Looks like a standard pickup (looked like a Ford front end) but was built on a super long bed chassis. Had four doors, and was fully plumbed and setup for camping. Was one cool machine. But at $90k, was a BIT out of my pricerange. LOL.


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To start with, I have to say it sure is good to have Ive back on this site. (Been meaning to say that for some time)

"what are you guys smokin?" Priceless.

I like a vehicle that is strong enough to tow a nice little tent trailer. That makes it good for a small aluminum boat and trailer for the sound also.

Nice thing about a tent trailer set up is, it gives you a nice base camp anywhere you go. Put a car top boat on either your vehicle or the tent trailer if it will support it adequately.

Now you can explore nearby lakes in your vehicle, boat on top or toons in the back. And your wife will like going with you.

Best gas mileage rig to accomplish above requirements and also fit your budget, done deal.

Subaru is the way to go man! Ive got an impreza, its awesome on dirt and i am not afraid to drive it in the bush. My dad drives a Yukon XL and it IS the ultimate fly fishing vehicle. I have put many hours into it making it so, although now that i think about the warrentys prbably voided. But hell, what they dont know can t hurt em! I put in some rod rack, a cot that fold down, it has seen more fishing miles than about anything else. Shes got 60,000 miles on her and we have had her for just over a year.
Subaru + Suburban = Tag team champions of the world

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