The Ultimate Fly Fishing Vehicle?

May not be ultimate, but it's all I got. 1994 F150 Ford
Pick Up, 6 cyls. I bought it for the supposed mileage but it does not do well--about 10- 12MPH. Something's wrong but I don't know what. The former owner changed the tires to a size or two larger to look bad and that might be it. Runs perfectly and only has 50 K. Been babied something fierce.

Very disappointed in the mileage. Baffled.

Bob, the Only reasons I got one is because it is what all the real boys have, like Mattzoid etc.:smokin


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Put me down for the Tacoma as well, or anything similar. It gets better gas mileage than full size rigs and doesn't have premium amenities that I would worry about getting dirty or wet. I have the V6, which is plenty of power, with shift-on-the-fly 4X4, extended cab for people or gear, canopy for covered storage, and a Yak rack on the canopy for my toon. There are nicer rigs around, but I can't say there are more practical or capable rigs for what we do with them.

Having said that, I was down on the Deschutes about a month ago and saw a cool rig. It was a newer panel van that the dude had raised and added 4WD, added heavy bumpers fore and aft with winch on the front, and the interior had been gutted and a propane kitchen and sink added with a drop table that converted to sleep 2. I thought that he should have had an awning to cover the side doors to complete the deal, but that's just me. Still it was a sweet rig.



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Bob, Get rid of those big tires and go back to the original equipment size. Those little 6 cyl engines don't have either the cubic inches or torque to pull a larger tire size. What you end up with is an engine that is forever lugging because the tires have effectively overgeared the rig. When you start to use your rig as a truck(ie. actually carry weight or tow a load) the situation worsens and you have to use the lower gears to make any progress at all. Unless the rig came with a 4:11 rear end putting bigger tires on was a mistake by the original owner. Sometimes there is little distinction between being cool and being a fool.
On a ten year old truck I would automatically change the plug wires and go to a quality set of silicone plug wires and some up to date plugs-making sure they are exactly the right heat range. Make sure the fuel filter is fresh and if possible replace the air filter with a K & N insert or something similar. Lastly, I would go to a muffler shop and have them check for blockage in the catalytic converter. These things fail internally more often than you would think and can absolutely kill milage. Everything else can be perfect on the rig but if the converter is bad, milage will never improve. I always replace mine with a high output model which cost a little more but flows a lot better. My V-8 got better milage on the Highland Fling towing a 21' 5th wheel over 2 mountain ranges! Somethings rotten in Denmark, Bud. Ive

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Mattzoid has a Jeep,year unknown and he doesn't baby it. Many,many miles between here and the OP. It goes thru all kinds of weather,thru anything that has a bottom in it and I just hope what he drives thru with me in the front seat that he gets all the way thru.

Thanks, Ive.

I made a print of your remarks and will go to Napa with my Visa in hand. I'll call Steve; maybe he has the old tires. With gas the price it is, no expense is too large to improve mileage and particularly when I am on my way to Idaho to meet up with you.

Bob, the Yea, Denmark is rotten allright.x(


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my fav fishing vehicle probably would be flydreamins 2002 eclipse thats all fixed up.. thought the wrong kind of fixed up for fishing. rolled in a 74 landcrusier for a while, and that did wonders, or any smaller toyota pickup ( T100 or tacoma, or standard pickup) so whatever. i drive a POS black saturn when im fishing alone, im still waiting to get it stuck for good.. excuse for something with 4x4

and ive is right, if your cat converter is f***ed, your milage goes to hell. i can attest to that


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better not get too comfortable there Jim....they stole my 88 subaru a few weeks back....and it was not nearly as purty as yours ;)

That van, in my opinion, is nasty ugly!!! I would have to say subaru's all the way :thumb

~Patrick ><>

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>"The Ultimate Fly Fishing Vehicle" paid

Can I get an Amen, Brother? And Thursday she gets four new Rancho 5000's for her sagging chassis...


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I know mine for sure, Its my 84 jeep grand wagoneer.

tough, nearly unstoppable, comfortable, tons of room and at least in my case totally reliable. :thumb:

yeah the gas mileage is a bummer, but hey.......