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I am thinking of getting an inflatable boat for the purpose of taking one of my kids at a time (age 9,9,7) to fish in some lakes that require a short hike in. I have seen some advertisements for boats from sevylor and sea eagle and know there are other brands too.

Can anyone recommend a make and model.
Also are the boats safe-ie do they flip easily and can they be rowed around in a moderate wind?



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the watermaster! they are a sponsor of this site, but that is not the reason. i have had mine for about 15 years. my grandkids have oared them since they were 3 or 4 years old and they still love them. when several kids go i need to bring my old creek u-boat for myself. if you are ever in the othello area let me know and i will meet you at a lake and you can take one for a spin.

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If you get one of these get it in a bigger size. If it says it's for two persons get one that says it is good for three. The two person size is for midgets. I got one two man boat for me and my granddaughter and both of us didn't fit. So get the bigger size. But if you need a little room for all your gear and extra stuff get the four man. THey are easy to row and you can also get a motor mount so you can mount an electric on it.

I've had three of them. Easy to blow up and handle very good.



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they have an anchor system for them now. i have a holder for my buddy 2 depth finder and 2 rod holders that are attached. i have floated a lot of rivers with ease.
I'll back the suggestion for a Watermaster on that, it's light enough to throw it on your back and hike it in a decent distance, (weighs 40 pound for the kodiak and fits in a backpack), and is very bouyant. Owens floated two other people on a half day float on the Chimehuin River in Argentina, nothing technical but a few class twos and he had no problem. The most I've carried is four people when I ferried a group of lost Argentinian college girls across a river. Solid boats. Nice idea for the depth finder holder :)


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