Green Highlander 2/0 from Maxwell

Another Atlantic salmon fly, Green Highlander from Maxwell.

Interesting that the wing colors are different from the other highlander variations, there no green or orange in this one!

Would have liked a thicker wing to balance the white space between the body and wing, i guess next time i'll do that!

Thanks for looking at this, and the few other flies i've posted the last week or so


Wow...Nice one Eunan! Your proportions and form has really improved, Great head and wing shape. Does the
Maxwell version not have a tippet underwing? If it doesn't I agree it could use something to fill the gap. Keep them
coming, your passion for tying should inspire all of us too improve, it does me. Thanks

Mark, another of the weird things about the maxwell that drew me to it. No tippet wing, no orange or green in the slips..breaks the mold of the other variations.
heres the pattern from the book - fishing at home and abroad

"4. "The Green Highlander."
Tag, silver wire and gold floss;
tail, a topping and sprigs of teal;
butt, black chenille;
body, onefourth
yellow pig's wool, remainder myrtle green pig's wool with
green hackle over, ribbed with silver tinsel;
shoulder hackle bluedyed
wing, strips of mottled brown turkey, bustard, red,
yellow and blue-dyed swan, jungle-fowl at cheeks, topping over,
blue macaw wings."

THe reference to blue macaw wings, is interesting, i assume horns, and tied them thus.
Was suggested on another forum that i could have used longer JC and tied them lower to fill the space.
I should also have used more slips of the wing feathers, say another one of each, that would have made it deeper and i could have plucked the dubbing more as well, so there's definitely a good couple options for improvement!

How's your tying going? Or all fishing these days?


Yeah, pretty much just tying fishing flies and getting them wet. This time of year things start getting fun around here, with cutt's and resident coho and there big brothers starting to return. Probably won't start tying seriously till winter.

I know what you mean about trying to figure out what some of these old recipes call for and even where the materials go and in which order they go in. I figure there is a lot of room for personnel interpretation, I kind of go with what looks good to me.

Your streamers have been looking awesome too, something I might try one of these days.



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