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I'm looking forward to building some fly rods this winter during the long nights. The only thing that has kept me from doing this in the past is the outlay for the tools. I know I don't need much but it does seem like a wrapper, reamers, and various other things will cost me $150-$200 new. I'm wondering if anyone out there has been building for awhile and now has more than they need?

If you have multiples of tools, an extra rod wrapper, etc - let me know. I'm happy to pay a fair price for the tools. I'd like to purchase 80% of the tools from one person to save shipping costs, but in the case of a rod-wrapper, I'd be interested in that alone, too.

Hey Adam,

I've been building rods for 23 years now and still use the same set-up I started with. I'm an old carpenter (and cheap) so I took a 3' piece of 2X6, added a 6" 2X4 with a V at each end (four sets of holes for different sized blanks) lined the V with felt and put a small piece of wood (screwed one side) on top to keep the blank from jumping out. For the wrapping thread, I used a piece of particle board with a couple of pieces of wood with a wood screw to hold the spool. Adjust the tension with the screw. For finishing the rods I use Flex Coat (high build) and use the 2X6 set up for holding the blank while the epoxy is setting up. Turn the blank every 15 minutes to prevent sag. Works for me....so far I've built 6 fiber glass, 30+ graphite, fixed a bunch and now re-do bamboo rods. Hope this helps, let me know if you need any other info.---Steve

P.S. With this inexpensive wrapper, you can spend more money on blanks and cool old reels!
I built my own rod wraper also, with some scrap pine, the only thing I bought was dowels and the thread tensioner that I got from "Mud Hole.com".
However, Greg's Custom Rods sells a nice wrapper for $35. http://www.gregscustomrods.com/product/gregs-custom-rods-rod-lathe-wrapper-10483.htm
I don't know what the shipping would be; and like Steve said, you can rotate the rod by hand while its drying. It is tedious and you have to be there, but it's free, you can also just use a cardboard box with a "v" notch cut into the ends. What I use for drying is a roticery motor that I bought at a yard sale for $2. It works perfectly!
I'll take pics and try to upload them tonight so you can see.
All of the above is good advice. Don't go overboard on equipt. for your 1st rods. Go to Lowes or Home depot, get a 4-5' piece of 2x3 inch oak and you can build a neat heavy rod stand. Mine is about 36" long with 3 V-notched uprights, line with felt or similar material. Thread tensioner's are easy to make and a rotissorie motor works great for drying, or turn by hand. On bamboo rods I use either a Herter's or Thompson rod wrapping tool I found on eBay. These have been discontinued for years but they show up periodically and I have 10 or 12 of them I've picked off from eBay over the last few years, most of the old time cane builders used to use them.
If you just want something to start you off and nothing fancy, get a cardboard box and cut a V out of each side to lay your blank in and place a book the floor of the box and run your thread through the book. If you need more tension, place another book on the other book you have the thread running through. It's a little arcaic but it does the trick.
I just one an old Herters Rod Wrapper on Ebay if your interested. I can have it shipped directly to you. I really don't need it as I have two rod Wrappers already. I just bid not thinking I would win. A lot of people swear by these. $40 shipped to you. If interested you can pay through PP and I will have it shipped directly to you.
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