What do you think??

So I decided to make a little "how to" video. Mainly to get your guys opinion on my fly tying skills. So I would really appreciate it if you guys would take the time to watch my video and tell me what you think, or tell me what you think I need to improve. For some reason I was actually really nervous while tying this fly so I was making stupid little mistakes. But I think it turn out pretty well.
overall, i thought this was a pretty good video for your first one but it has room for improvements on your next ones. :)

1. i really couldnt see the fly due to the background of your desk or the focus of the camera. is that a fish eye lens as in a gopro? ask other videographers what camera they use or recommend

2. turn the camera toward you and wear a plain gray tshirt for the background. please don't wear a t shirt with sill graphics on it. it is a distraction from what you are trying to do

3. there a quite a few tying techniques involved when tying a woolly bugger. explain them as you a tying. the wire has a purpose for being there. explain that in future videos

4. lighting is also important. not just lighting on the fly

5. the voice part on this is excellent

6. as a rule (and yes they are meant to be broken) the first material tied down is the last material to be wrapped forward. wire, hackle then body material (i'm old school, 30+ years of tying it become second nature) :)

7. edit your video to have a recipe of materials and to give credit to yourself for your achievement.

8. THANK YOU for eliminating music from your video. Its about as big a distraction as a graphic t shirt is. Music has nothing to do with tying flies. Watch MTV or YouTube for music videos. A musical intro at the beginning or end of the video is fine while the recipe and credits are on the screen, but not during the tying process.

my comments are not meant to be harsh or mean. they are meant to help you or anybody else to tie better flies and make better videos

in my opinion, watch videos by hans weilenmann and davie mcphail. these 2 tyers are currently the best tyers putting videos on he web.




http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=davie mcphail &oq=davie mcphail &aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=12&gs_upl=28121l29685l0l32571l7l7l0l0l0l0l94l565l7l7l0
Thanks a lot norm. I don't have editing software for my computer yet. That is something i know very little about. But yes that is the fish eye 180degrees view from the gopro camera. I was a little worried about that.
Nice work! I like the use of the nerf dart. I agree with the others on the difficulty seeing the fly. Other than that good job.