Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies

Thanks to all who've been checking the other threads i've posted.
Decided to start a single thread for the these flies rather than clutter the forums.
I'll add to it as i tie more.
Feel free to leave comments, critique, likes or dislikes.
I'm posting them to hopefully inspire tyers to have a go.
I started tying Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies 9 months ago
This was the first.
A poor Jock Scott on a 3/0 Alec Jackson hook

This is the latest.

Used new subs for IC and Toucan on this one that are much more realistic to the originals.

Pretty happy - this is my best fly ever, hopefully i'll be able to say that with each subsequent fly off the vise!

look out for more and thanks for checking in!!
Those are some beautiful flies you have there! I just moved to Portland ME last week from Seattle and have been poking around on line as to how to fish for Atlantic's. Looks like a blast, I can't wait. What type of feather is the red one on the Tom Tickler?
Looking fantastic Eunan, it really hasn't taken that long, has it? You keep tying like this and you'll be on top of these, and that's saying a lot, cause they take time and practice, and not everyone can do it. keep em coming!
Latest one i just finished today - Seems like the wings came out of alignment when tying them in. I only noticed after i took the photo.

Really took my time on this fly. Started it Tuesday and finished it today.
Paid off, as i was able to really consider every wrap of the underbody, and i reset the tail a couple times.

Anyways, here' the Black Doctor 2/0
Durham Ranger 3/0
Had a crack at this one on a Ronn Lucas 3/0 Milward Bartleet.

Think i'd like the wing to sit lower at the back, the current height probably a consequence of an overly thick body, which i did try to taper off at the front.The tail might be too high/long as well. i also just noticed the JC arent aligned in the photo, but are in actuality parallel to eachother. The tippets could be better aligned too.

THis is essentially the Maxwell pattern (apparently from Salmon and Sea Trout, though i couldnt find it in my edition), which I found in Radencich new book. There was no photo of this fly in the book.
Kinda maxwell, because i added a topping which wasnt listed in Mike book, but ive since discovered it is actually part of the fly, and i left off the chenille head as i didnt have any narrow enough to fit. I also used seals fur instead of pigs wool for the body

Nicely done as always Eunan.....Getting the the wings to lay tight to the body is always tough, if I don't start with the perfect shaped tippets and a lot of massaging, they never seem to lay right. Keep em coming.
Thanks Mark,
The wing on the Durham Ranger is too short, and every time i see the fly i dislike it more This one will get the blade for a long wing, flatter tail and topping, just to great a better balance. it is very front loaded....
Big fly - 6/0 Lady Amherst

Tried to work along the lines of Ronn Lucas' style for this one (short tails and toppings leaving the back open), but failed.
I couldnt get the toppings flat enough for the tail and it looks like this one is a bit too long also.
I'd like it to either have a flatter and shorter tail, or a bit more curve to the topping to even out the curves - as is it i just looks a bit off.

Other than that i'm pretty happy with this one.
I worked from a couple sources for the pattern, and depending which you look at, the rib hackle either starts from the butt or the second turn of tinsel. Also, some listings dont have any teal mentioned in the tail or for the throat. In the end i decided to go with a throat as is just seemed right.


Included a photo with the wee Paddy 1/0 i tied a while back for size reference.



Paddy 1/0 and Lady Amherst 6/0
Variegated Sun Fly From Kelson - The Salmon Fly
I've been intrigued by the topping wing flies and with an order of materials for other flies in the mail, I tackled this one.
Toppings aren't great either, but i worked with what i had. There is 6 toppings for the wing. Body is berlin wool dubbed to the thread


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