Oregon Coast Range creek

It's so good to be living back in the NW after 4 long terrible years in South Jersey! I have been fishing a local creek alot lately, it's a popular north coast, Columbia trib known for it's hatchery salmon run. I fish way above the hatchery and really never see anyone else. It's a really beautiful place, and i've been enjoying the hell out of it with my 3 wt Lamiglass "honey" rod. A logging road parallels the creek for miles, but it's locked so hardly anyone puts the time in to hike into it. Enjoy the pics.

walking in

A nice surprise! this guy has some crazy colors, and the biggest one i've got on this creek so far, most cutts and bows are 3-7" I almost think it's a SRC that got above the weir.

a pretty canyon section, crappy pic on my cell phone

some nice holes and runs, some pretty deep!

crazy colors on this one, he smashed a 14 parachute adams and put a real bend in my 3 wt.
Very cool fish on a sweet rod. If I were you I would edit your original description a bit. Even now I'm itching to get out my Oregon Gazeteer and pinpoint your secret spot.
Ha, thanks, the more i fish the glass rod the more I fall in love with it. It's perfect for this size water.

The creek is def not a secret, but I am very fortunate to live so close to it. There are literally a dozen creeks like this in my area, and most of them are not fished at all above hatcheries, which is perfect for me because I really enjoy hiking and bushwhacking. I find it to be about 80% cutthroat and 20% rainbows. The bows are super fiesty and real jumpers, I mostly catch those below the surface, where as the cutts readily take dry flies frequently.

I know there has to be some real bruisers in the deep canyone holes, which I have not found a safe way to access them yet. I rode my bike about 12 miles up the road a few weeks ago and found some beaver ponds up there, which I plan on fishing.

I am just so glad to be back in the NW, the closest trout stream to me when we lived in Cape May NJ was either in PA, or Maryland, either way about 150 miles each way, and typically always crowded, with very selective fish. - Brian
I found a nice little beaver pond on one of my favorite creeks recently. It was bursting with trout and apparently dry flies were on the menu because for a while it was a fish per cast. I'm not sure if this is considered stillwater or creek fishing, but I consider it my first stillwater trout.
Great report! You are lucky to live close to such gems, but more importantly, you are actually putting in the time and effort to take advantage of the them. I am originally from Tillamook and grew up wandering coastal creeks. All my buddies would sit in a boat or on the side of a river all day going after a couple salmon but I always preferred wading a creek with an ultralight catching little trout all day. Well done!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Those little cutts you caught are beauties! With all its heavy spotting and dark hues, I'll bet that larger one is a resident and not a searun.

I have actually been studying that area on Google Earth. No fear, as I am unlikely to spring for an OR license.

This report makes me want to fish for the small cutts above tidewater in my local creeks. I usually leave 'em alone, but I'm now thinking of paddling to the head of tidewater on a certain creek I know, so I can hike upstream with my 4 wt. I haven't hiked any creeks so far this year.