First day of fall type fishing!


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I made it out today to check out water temps at the local reservoir here at 3,500 feet in NE Oregon. I have been fishing creeks and high lakes, but the 40 degree AMs made me hopefull. The water temp was 67, not great but better than the 70s, so I gave it a try and the fish were very willing. The 30,000 planters from this year were running 8 to 10 inches and were kind of a pain in the rear, but three hour a fishing gave me 7 or 8 good fish and a bunch of ldr' the next months will yield some great fishing. The fish were mostly in 14 to 20 feet of water and wanted a purple wooly bugger today (because thats what was on the end of my line!)


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Wow it's only getting in the 50's here in the "VALLEY" hope you do good at the "OTHER LAKE" also! I might have to come over sooner then I thought - "OH DARN" now your side needs some rain and the water should start boiling with fish. CAN'T WAIT!

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