About to give a go at tying a few clousers with stinger hooks. My question is at what point do u tie in the loop for the hook? I'm assuming it gets tied in right off the bat but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask

Ed Call

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I tie the loop in right to the shank, or hook shank of the lead hook that you are going to clip off. I leave a lot of free end toward the eye of the shank, wrap it fully, double it back, wrap fully, fold it forward one more time, wrap fully and clip it off. Maybe more than necessary, but fast on the norvise and I've never had one pull out. What hooks will you be using? I'd suggest SC15s or Egg Hooks, both are pretty short and don't give your hapless prey much shank to use for leverage!

I know you are fond of hooking seagulls, these hooks are pretty seagull resistant too!
I am definitely down with ripping some 'gull lips! Er....beaks...

Thanks Ed, that's pretty much what I just did for my first attempt. Gotta wok on my proportions, but its very fishable.


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For hooks i use daichii 2546 with a black nickle stinger hook from gamakatsu. they are both great hooks. but if your cutting the front hook mustad is cheap.

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