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Hey guys. I'm new to the area and wanted to introduce myself. I'm originally from Kalispell, MT and got into fly fishing my Sr. Year of high school. I left for school in Iowa and then spent 6 years in Florida. not much for fly fishing where I was at. Now I have a new setup for my birthday and would like to do some fishing.

I'm not much of a fish where people are person. We have a cabin on a river south of Puyallup and like the isolation it affords us. I also like stream fishing for trout much better than being on busy lakes. I also like some isolated lakes/streams and would be willing to do some backpacking (mild-moderate) to get there. My bro-in-law lives here too and has more experience at FF than I do, but doesn't know the water.

Any thoughts on areas around the Puyallup area? Guy at the store told us about all the lakes that parallel Meridian street south of Puyallup by Graham. It sounded like they get packed though. So far, in the river the cabin is by we caught some nice wild rainbow in the 9-14" range. more of that would be awesome!

Thanks guys!

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oonique, sounds like you're cabin is near my house. Send me a conversation to where you're at. There are PLENTY of opportunities to fish around this area.

Bill Aubrey

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I sent you a PM. Forgot to mention that if you go to Kapowsin, do not leave anything in your vehicle. You will end up with a smashed window.

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