MA 10 - 9/3


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Went 1 for 1 today on a MA 10 beach. Fished from 6:00 till 9:00. The hatchery hen ate a chartreuse over pale pink bucktail with glow flashabou and a # 1 stinger. Not big but tasted great on the BBQ tonight.
It was a really nice morning to be out on the beach with the taste of fall definately in the air.
I wish we had Septembers and Octobers year round.

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The last few mornings have been nice. A nice touch of fall in the air. The geese are starting their migration south. End of summer is near.
Yep, definitely loving these cool mornings/evenings! Fall is in the air for sure. As much fun as I'm having on the beach my mind is starting to wander to fall lake fishing....Mmmmhmmmm.....

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