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Donny, you're out of your element...
a bunch of whiny-ass, Subaru-driving, metrosexual feather-flinging guys from the ‘coast’
Subaru....check (sold a crappy Saab to buy it)
Coast dwelling...check
Feather Flinging...check
Whiny ass... Che---whoah wait a second Sue
Meterosexual...I lost my Ray Bans, see above re Saab, don't lose my beads on Spey threads, and I don't have neatly trimmed facial hair or a pork-pie hat at a rakish angle and do not think a condo in Belltown is a good idea
I have an identity crisis when in that area. My family is from the Methow valley, but I am now a coast dweller. I have no people to call my own.


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why does it seem that the only fly/gear conflicts happen at "MEAT" holes. As a flyperson chasing steel, i want to get away from the kiddy pool, where everybody and their cousin and uncle etc, etc, etc go for easy pickings. Ya pick up a bugrod, for the challenge, why not apply that theory in choosing a fishing hole or run, i mean those fish are moving up river right, they are not staying at the meat hole.
I heard all of the Methow steelhead are actually headed for the Kilckitat, that's why the numbers have been so bad. At least that's what the most recent radio-telemetry data points to (raw data that hasn't been QA/QC'd). Should be epic fishing in the Klick!


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Sue, that was an epic year in January and February for me, at least the two trips I made it over anyway.

As for the meat hole, I have had no issues with gear guys except when they get mad at me for catching all the fish in front of them. They cheer up when I have them cast over and I give them flies to use. I cheerfully believe that a happy disposition in those places make the experience more fun for everyone, although I will concede that after I bonk my two brats and leave that those remaining most likely make fun of me, but I'm sure in a respectful way. I like crowds and watching other fish caught just adds to the experience.

Gearhead, I did not pick up a flyrod for the challenge, I picked it up so I could catch more fish.
Fish the Klick? For a guy like yourself that's not willing to read the regulations, crack open a map, or make anything that seems like a basic effort;
It's prohibitively far, and expensive, the ground is hard, no camp fires allowed, pit toilet stink like, get this merde, the days are hot and nights are cool, scary camper people living in the camps, there are snakes,there be spiders, there be bats, and ofcourse rednecks and conservatives, and even a few redneck conservatives!!, and pokey sticks, and sharp rocks, and believe it or not the water is even wet over there, but you'll have waders on so you'll sweat yer balls off in yer waders and we all know that' smells bloody dreadful, and besides you'll prolly get there and end up with coloured up water anyways and catch fuck all.


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Ira, yes, it was a good winter that year! Keep your fingers crossed for a good year but I too have heard that all of the steelhead are headed for the Klickitat. Actually, given the Bonneville counts, there is some speculation that the fish are headed down to California so people should start looking for cheap flights!

why does it seem that the only fly/gear conflicts happen at "MEAT" holes.
gearhead, to my knowledge, there is not really any significant fly/gear conflict going on at this particular location, except when Ira catches them all, LOL. Here is my understanding: The conflict was one of boat vs bank anglers. This area is really more of a long channel (.5 mile+?) of varying width than a hole; depending on the water level, in some places it can be quite narrow and sure, it tends to be a busy fly and gear bankie meat hole or a newbie spot. It's in Pateros and is a favored after-work/school, after/before chores kind of place because it is so close but it also attracts many from outside the area. Anyway, some boat anglers started floating this stretch and then the real complaints started: a few boat anglers were accused of either fishing through bank anglers' water and/or anchoring up mid-stream and fishing. Other boat anglers found it easier to launch just below this area and row right up through the gauntlet in the channel, through water being fished, rather than make a long float through a difficult canyon to get down to it. These actions inflammed the bank anglers and to keep the peace*, WDFW banned fishing from boats in this area a few years ago (they do not have the authority to ban boat traffic). This caused some of the boat anglers to then demand that WDFW simply close the whole area to all fishing, bank and boat alike. Keep in mind that boat anglers could still float it, get out and fish from shore if they wanted to but instead, some demanded it be closed to all fishing. This area is a fairly famous hole on the Methow with a long history of bank angling and even has a WDFW parking lot with a cement port-a-potty. It was not, however, an area that saw much boat angling traditionally so the demand to shut it down was seen by many locals as whining, like "if I can't play how I want to play, then no one should be able to play in the sandbox." Worse yet, many/most of the boat anglers did not live in Pateros or the Methow Valley and some were guides, so the locals really didn't look too kindly on non-locals trying to shut down their favorite hole.

To complicate matters more, this new 'no angling from a floating device' closure coinsided with a year when water conditions kept something like 75% of the run out in the Columbia until the winter months so the fishing was generally not good that fall, espcially when compared to a boom year like 2009, when the run was twice as large as it had been in many years. So, not as many fish were being caught that fall, however, the poor upstream fishing was blamed on the guys at the meat hole getting all the fish and some boat anglers wanted it shut down to all fishing so that more fish could pass upstream (where they now were boat angling on the other 49.5 miles of river that allowed it). Like I said, the meat hole guys saw it as sour grapes as many, many fish do make it upstream past the meat hole to both be caught and spawn. But I guess when one isn't catching fish as many fish as they'd like, you gotta blame it on something. Everybody wants to get theirs so we'll see what drama unfolds in 2012 if there aren't as many fish as people would like...

* one of WDFW's mandates is to 'conduct an orderly fishery'. Therefore, not all rules are aimed at conservation but many are 'social' rules, ie. to control people and/or give certain people the opportunity to fish how they want, hence fly-only lakes as well as put and take, bait-allowed lakes.


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I have an identity crisis when in that area. My family is from the Methow valley, but I am now a coast dweller. I have no people to call my own.
That's ok Evan, as soon as you nymph with jigs with your 2 handed rod we give you your local red neck membership card back.

o mykiss

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It defies common sense that having that stretch open doesn't impact fishing upstream, but feel free to believe the propaganda to the contrary. Primary reason it's open is because it's a very effective way to remove hatchery fish. Or at least that's what a certain employee of the WDFW was saying last year.

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