MA-9 Report: Weekend Sept. 8th


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I fished a local beach this morning and found a group of hatchery silvers in a small rip current only 50 feet out. I hooked up three times on a small (standard) Clouser and landed a pair of bucks. These guys didn't tear me up, but I won't complain anytime I get my limit in under 30 minutes. Stonefish hooked into the biggest fish of the day, but I'll let him tell the tale. The salmon gods are still pleased, or maybe 2012 is just a silver salmon run for the modern era Puget Sound record books. The weather system moving in Sunday/Monday should make things even more interesting.


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As always, it was great fishing with you today. It was fun watching you slap those ho's around on the beach this morning.


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Nicely done! I've had visitors in town and managed to foil my own plans for fishing each morning by staying up too late and/or drinking too much. :oops: Glad someone got out there and got it done!


MA-9 Beach Stalker
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I fished again this morning and the results were very similar. I went 2 for 2 on silvers between 7:00 and 8:00. My plan was to catch and release after bagging one in order to hold out for a big ocean silver. Unfortunately, the second coho had inhaled my Clouser into the gill arches and it was bleeding. After keeping that fish I was done, but I hung out awhile to watch others fish. Most of the salmon this weekend seem to have been adult hatchery resident coho. The wild ones are around the corner.

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