Tips for Wade/Walk Fishing outside Denver (Blue River?)

I am going to be in and around Denver for 4 days at the end of September..... can anyone point me in the right direction for small to midsize wade/walk streams? I will have a car and will be staying half the time in Dillon. I hear the Blue River might be something worth checking out....Thanks

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
North of Silverthorne, the river follows the highway more or less, with access easily identified. There's lot of private property in the area, so heed the signs you see. Possibilities all the way from Silverthorne to Kremmling and the surrounding area. Great areas to spend some time.
You are not too far from the Colorado which is wadeable by Parshal. The Eagle and Gore are also options around Vail/Avon. Have had some good days on the Blue north of Silverthorne, but it can be hit and miss. Above Green Mountain Res. can be good and you are going to be there when the browns are spawning. Rivers are probably going to be low (unless they get a bunch of rain) as a result of no snow pack this year, so wading should be very easy.

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