(NFR) Happy Father's Day

Jerry Daschofsky

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I'm still awake (as always lol) and thought I'd pass on a happy father's day to all you future, new, and long time Dad's out there. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Myself, I'll be waking up in about 5 hours to spend the day with my family and my Dad down on the Wynoochee. Won't be fishing (will be scouting though), mostly going to work on the new cabana on our river lot there. Plus, will be taking the kids to the community pool.

Hope all have a wonderful day. :beer2

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Thanks Steelheader and the same to you and all the other dads on the board. I'm up early, just tied a dozen damsel nymphs for a swap, and am out to work on the sprinkler system this morning. I'm Mr. Mom today as my wife is out of town, so my daughter and I are off to see Cavalia (a sort of Cirque de Soleil with horses) in Renton this afternoon.
The same to the two of you also, and happy fathers day to everyone else. I am going to spend the day with thte girls doing what ever they want. For me it's not what we do as long as we do it together.


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1:30? I don't stay up that late unless there's an argument with Old Man or Lawless. Did you adopt them. Do you have any more room at The 69 Home for Wayward Flyfishers?

Happy Fathers Day to you and all.



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Thanks SH69, the same to you and the other dads out there. I was on the water at 5 this morning and managed the first summer run to hand this morning so a great day so far. Now it is time to get the barby ready for some big juicy rib eyes.
I scored a nice silver flask with a thousand year old single malt that cost a thousand dollars to go in it. So I'm a very happy camper. Just a little tiny sip when a ceremony of some sort is called for. If I see ya, you can have a taste.

Bob, the Fully appointed for streamside ceremonies.:smokin
Took the whole tribe down to the fish ladder at the locks to watch sockeye make their way into Lake Washington. Several thousand coming through every day now. Seeing the locks in action is a pretty fun thing to do with the kids if you've never done it.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a sockeye fishery this year.

Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL. Actually, I've always been a night owl, and could spring up for fishing. But normally am in bed by then nowadays. But with my injury, I literally can't sleep. Have to stay up until I literally crash from exhaustion (got tired of taking narcotics to put me to sleep everynight). So, up until about 3-4am every morning. Then up by around 7-8am same morning. Mostly from the pain.

Hell, more the merrier. Send them over.

Old Man

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Well Bart,I was thinking about you yesterday and I hope your ears aren't burning. We're going to have to get tgether soon and find some place close to home and waste some flies together.But all the places that I want to go and try are still a little high. Maybe we can do a place some time in July.

But I'm against moving down to SH69's place. Who in their right mind wants to live in Federal Way.