Another area 9 report but with a twist


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Went to PNP this morning it was crowded as usual, started with a chartreuse over white tube fly that I've been having success with had no love at all for the first hour I was there and then suddenly as is so often the case I had a firm take could tell right away it was a good one, the fish gave a couple of hard head shakes and then blasted away at this point I'm thinking king or maybe a big hook nose when all of a sudden out of nowhere 2 orca surface right in front of me maybe 50' out,scary close, I feel a loss of tension thought I lost the fish then my line just started running out no stopping it not real fast but steady as hell, that's when I realized one of the orca got my fish and I was probably going to lose my line along with it, I pointed my rod at the orca and tried to break off and after a couple of good hard tugs managed to break free or so I thought upon retrieving my line and most of my backing I found I had managed to straighten the hook enough to pull it free, this was completely insane it's the weirdest thing I've ever experienced.
Other things that commonly eat hooked fish . . .Largemouth bass, Bull trout, Lingcod, Seals . . .Orca for the win!! Bet that's a once-in-a-lifetime day on the beach and a story to share for the rest of your life.


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I am pretty sure targeting orcas is against regulations

Glad you didn't loose your line

Great story to telling the great grand kids someday

thanks for sharing it
next time I hope the orcas eats the sea lion that took your fish and you get the fish back