Seal 0 Shock n Awe 1

Tacoma Red

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It was a pretty good morning, beautiful sunrise and little wind, especially for us fly guys out there including the spey caster. I'm going to have to get my spey out now! Before I left at 8:30am it appeared the fly fisherman were as successful as the bait and buzz bombers. The larger hen was taken ~7-7:30am (around max current, sorry no watch) on a typical pink over white clouser (bucktail white and pink, a little deadly dazzle white, a little pink craft hair, and also a little fiber optic pink super hair) only ~30ft in front of me. The fish hit lightly at first then slammed the fly as I continued to strip, being hooked on the stinger. The smaller hen got away from a very active and likely successful seal but not from the chartreuse shock n awe. Both fish had herring in their gut. I didn't observe much topwater bait activity but the schools of coho were moving up and down the beach since there were multiple hook-ups periodically. Have a great weekend!



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out at Picnic Point this am. had one follow. and thats the best action i have ever had at picnic.
bazillion boats out front and a couple of seals.
have you had a day where the floating kelp/salad was out in front of you being pushed around by the tide and coho would travel around and underneath the floating kelp chasing whatever? sorta stealth like ???