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ok, pulling fish out of the nets, throwing them in the dry boat with no water/ livewell is hardly scientific. meanwhile the guys on the beach have smokers going with the smell of delicious smoked salmon in the air, if that's science i want in...i'm not talking about just the endangered runs, my post never even started as that (even then it would be steelhead, which, drive around angel of the winds casino and or 530 and there's signs for smoked steelhead for sale) it's about making the fishery completely worthless for the rest of us that have to fish the REAL WAY not with a god damned NET!!!.... and BTW you think they give a shit or throw back a wild steelhead, or searun, chum, or king that ends up in there nets? NO, and if you say so you're arguing for the sake of argument...


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The treaty did not say they could only harvest fish "for food and survival" so they can do whatever they want with their half. Again though, there are rules for what the Tribe and Tribal members can and can not do. Just like when you see anyone poaching or violating the regs, pick up the phone and call it in rather than just bitching about it online as that will not accomplish anything constructive. However, I would first study the rules that apply to the Tribal members so you know what to call in vs what is ok. You might even stop by the Tribal offices and discuss this with an officer as I am sure they too would appreciate more eyes in the woods. I would also suggest you read the treaty or at least the link that was posted above as that should provide a lot more background for you to call upon during these types of dicussions.

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Tough to get any message out with juvenile pissing contests. Knock that crap off, or someone else will have to come in and clean up the mess.

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or space for your downsy childs drawing as your avatar
Did I read this right, you're making fun of kids with Down's Syndrome? You're a class act.

There's plenty of us on the board who work or parent or love all kinds of kids and adults who got screwed over in the grand scheme of things. All of us end up in that boat sooner or later, it's mind boggling that you haven't learned that by now.

Grow a set. Man up. Help someone besides yourself. And if you can't do that, drive to the Skagit or the Snohomish and quit bitching.


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Congratulations on getting a college degree without showing any evidence of intelligence. I've heard that college has become too easy these days.

Why don't you read the treaties and the federal court decisions that validate them, and them come back and tell us what you learned, if anything. You can read, can't you?



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Maybe use them college degree smarts to modify a Delorean so you can head back to 1854 and kick the ass of Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens. But oh no, it turns out that he's your great great great grandpa! Then your hand starts to disappear just as your parents are supposed to be having their special kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Oh shit, what have you done! 1.21 gigawatts! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott! Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape! You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Plus, something about fishing.
Holy Shit Now I'm getting out the popcorn and I don't even eat popcorn, You're from Arlington, don't you have a clue of any Arlington history, what about all the smelt that the tribes gather and sell to the public market LOL


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I agree that river salmon anglers often get the short shift when it comes to river fisheries; however it has less to do with the tribal fisheries and more to do with the apathy shown by river anglers in general when it comes to getting involved in the salmon season process (North of Falcon) where the salmon pie is divided. It is great to see your passion and hopeful it can be channeled in a manner that will help produce positve results.

This current season is an illustration of how the salmon pie gets divided and how it can affect in-river fishing. In case someone has not been paying attention the central sound coho fishing in the salt has been off the charts. As good as anyone can remember in decades. Huge crowds of boats with some amazing catch rates. One day last week the check at Everett was 1.8 coho/angler - given the 2 fish limit that is just flat amazing. Everyone expects the total catch in MA 8-2, 9, and 10 to exceed that caught in 2001 where 90,000 coho were taken in those areas by the recreational fishery. If indeed this years catch exceed the 2001 level, say 100,000 based on the pre-seaon forecasts we can expect at least 10,000 Stillaguamish coho will be killed. Somehow I think that may have a larger impact on the in-river fishery that the tribal nets but hey the salt fishery is out of sight of the river anglers.

Since this thread started I fished the main Stilaguamish twice for sea-run cutthroat and in process of some decent cutthroat fishing I managed a coho both days on my fly.


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