Ebey (Little ) Lake Access

Does anyone know what the deal is with access to this lake? My friend and I went to fish it Friday and found out there's a new gate, not the old up near the top but one next to trailor on private property about half way up and a sign that says there is NO access to public land only those with easement rights can use the road. How is this possible? The road looks like a publicly maintained road and no signs that say its private other than the one that's there at the new gate. I don't think that it is right for them to be able to block off public access to our public fishing lakes or land! I plan to make some calls to try and get an answers. Will post anything I find out. Jim
Guess I'll follow up on my own post. Apparently there was no considerations given to public access to this area. The DNR controls and maintains the road but private land owner only have to give other property owners access through the easement. Since it was treated as a public road for all those years there is presidence to apply for emanate domain status. Which I have drafted a letter to request same. What's to stop anyone from doing this to anywhere we now enjoy fishing. It's happening every day. Anyone who can afford it can buy access to your favorite fishing hole and denie you access to it. Where is the protection for the rest of us? No one should be allowed to buy up what should belong to all of us! This lake is listed in the WDFW Sports Fishing Rules pamplet which I think means its a public lake with no public access. Go figure, we are giving those whom have access their own personal lake at our expense. Just doesn't seem right to me!!! Jim


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Almost like imposing fly only regs on a public lake....just had to give you a hard time on the politics Jim.
Man, I would be really interested in applying for this so-called eminate domain thing. I used to fish this lake and it's my favorite. Damsel dries, caddis, calibaeits, beetles, ants, termites....usually all on the same day this time of year!! The NO TRESPASSING signs towards the bottom of the road always left me uneasy though. If there was something I could show the residents that I have official permission I would be grateful. I never knew which place to stop at to ask permission and frankly, the barking dogs and mean looks told me I probably wasn't welcome to even ask. Please email me with the process if you have it. I would be in debt to you for at least one fishing trip!

I haven't gotten to far or received many answers as of yet. I personally have never been to the lake but many of my friends have and I feel like we have been robbed of another one of our precious resourse. So far I have contacted the WDFW and Snohomish PUD. I'm considering the governor and senators next. Its not the land the lake sits on that's the problem, its the road itself. The land is in control of the DNR and is in some kind of trust. Normally these DNR area's are open for public use but not guaranteed. Apparently there is no public access though the privately owned land including the road, only other land owner's that live past where the gate is. I did talk to someone from the WDFW in Olympia and he couldn't even find it on his list to tell which officer had responability for it. I pointed it out to him on page 95 of the 2001/2002 Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet. And the lady in the Snohomish PW had never heard of it and she'd been there 24 years. But they do not maintain the road so doesn't show up on any of their list either. The thing that makes me the most upset is our state in its ultimate wisdom failed to look out for the public's interest when it allowed this to happen. Some one told me one of the Everett fishing clubs used the stock this lake by packing them in, probably got the fish from the WDFW. If anyone out there knows anything about this I'd like to hear from you. Someone else told me there was another way in by hiking for the north side of Ebey Mt. somewhere, anyone know about that either? I guess you can't blame the locals, my understand is when it was open it got trashed and used as a dumping grounds. I think we could stop that activity pretty quick if they'd make the fine something like $5000 or 6 months in jail. At least the money could be used to clean up area's that this happens too. Anybody got a helicopter we can use? With floats. I actually had an idea to start a fly fishing service with a helicopter to take people into the Alpine lakes. Take'm in then come get'm later or the next day if they wanted to camp. If I hear anything more I'll put it up here first.

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