FS/T Allen Xa 10' 8wt combo with Multi-tip

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Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
What I have-

Im am looking to sell or trade my Allen Xa 10' 8wt combo. Its paired with an Allen Alpha II reel and Orvis multi-tip system. The rod has only been used 3 times and has no scratches or soiling of the handle. The reel I received used but is still in good condition. The line has only seen the water one time. Included is the original rod sock and tube as well as a C abelas case to carry and store the complete setup.

What I want-

I would like to trade this for a spey rod in 7wt or 8wt, or a 3wt combo for trout or maybe just a nicer 3wt rod. I am also willing to sell this complete setup for $250. These are the prices for the items new. Please let me know if you have anything worth while. Thanks.

Rod- $250
Reel- $245
Line- $140
Case- $30
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