fishing the southern appalachian with the sparrow fiberglass


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hey Friends!

Couple weeks ago, a good friend sent me this new sparrow fiberglass rod. A true beautiful built. 7'6 in length, 3/4 weight 3 pieces with white spigot ferrules. It has somewhat a interesting parabolic action, even bend all the way, stronger tip. Not a typical traditional fiberglass action. I can really feel the "rhythm" when bend deep and drive a powerful loop. below are some photos taken last weekend. It is a game of stalking 5 inch trout : ) great spirits in the forest. Mark

s1.5 by markyuhina, on Flickr

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Great Pic. The one of you cradling the little trout in your palm is perfect. That's what small stream fishing is all about. A few seconds of battle, a quick thank you, a pause in the palm of you hand and off he goes.


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Thanks my friends,
Much appreciated the kind words!!

thought some of you guys might like to see the rod in action, so I shot a casting video from fishing a mountain stream. One is Sparrow 3/4 7'6. really smooth and powerful rod. easy to make a pinpoint cast and fighting the afternoon wind. I line it with Airflo 5WF Ridge line. It was a wonderful casting machine.

s1 by markyuhina, on Flickr

The other rod below is a fiberglass rod from Japan, Kabuto 703. 3 weight 7'. This is a true sweet heart for the mountain creek. if you constant crawling between rocks and seeking for 5 feet accurate cast between trees and vines... This is the tool for casting the leader .

k4 by markyuhina, on Flickr

Nice comparison Mark. I like that Kabuto. Have you tried the F2 653 yet, and if so, how does it compare to either the Sparrow or Kabuto?



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Hi Alan,

I did a short section on the F2. I think Scott make them a bit softer than the old F series. Regarding small creek 3 weight rods, the Kabuto action (progressive and even load to the butt section) is near "perfect" to my liking. I think Kabuto is a bit more crispier and more responsive than the Scott F2 IMO.