Coyote hunting...?


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Hi guys,

I live on the wet side, Fed Way area to be precise. One of the things I have always wanted to do is to get into some coyote calling/shooting. I have called in a few, but always someone else got the shot. Any of you on the board that have an locations/tips/hints/advice or maybe even want some company? I just turned 60, and am up for a knee replacement in 6 weeks or so, so that might rule out this year.

Let me know.

Thanks, guys,


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I've toyed with the idea also, but struggle with shooting something I won't eat. I'm sure the world will keep turning with one less song dog, but I still vacillate. Then there's the task of skinning it and the cost of tanning. I do have a nice 32-20 lever action that could drop one nicely tho'...


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I have a .17 hmr Ruger 17/77 and a Ruger No 1. heavy barrel in 22.250, both I think are adequate. I too am a member of the "don't shoot it if you aren't going to eat it" generation, that's the way I was brought up. But with coyotes, and sage rats, most people will welcome you onto their land if you will help control the population, and are responsible enough to be trusted with gates, shooting direction, etc. I view it as mostly having fun doing a community service. It is a LOT different here than southern Idaho where I was raised. Lots different. I just never have gotten hooked up an a place where there was a place to set up and call where you could see.

Jim Ficklin

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Let me know if you head TriCities way, Citori. I'd be glad to take you out. Leave the .17HMR, tho . . . 'yotes are durable critters. I don't start hunting them until late December, however.


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Anyone have strategies for the wet side? I've seen a few this summer on the tree farm and plan to hunt them after muzzleloader season is over. Can you set up in a clearcut and try to call them out of the thick stuff?

Rick Todd

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"Big Valley" here on WFF is a coyote hunter (and part time neighbor of mine in Winthrop). He is wanting to take me out in the Methow. He skins and tans the hides he gets, so although no eating of coyote, he does use the pelts. Might be fun! Rick
There is a lot of public land around Wenatchee with lots of coyote.
Shootem' up.
Use the 22-250.
With a little searching you will be able to find fur buyers that will buy the dog without skinning.
Good hunting around Potholes, Beda lake, Winchester waste way, Frenchman hills.


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When it cools off welcome to join me.Have an e caller and mouth calls

They are educated but usually manage to call in a few.


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I Quit shooting Coyotes when I found out that they eat house cats, I just wish they would catch the F---ing cat that sits on my truck hood almost every nite and has scratched the paint .. Besides I enjoy listening to them at night while I have a cold beer!!!!


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I got home last night (live in a residential neighborhood development) around 12::30 or so, and followed a 'yote running right down the middle of the street in front of me, turned the corner and ran right past my house... go figure. I think I interrupted his grocery shopping, and I don't think Fluffy will be coming home...
Citori, I was going to say you live in "Yodel Dog" central. I'm over by the Lakeland area of Federal Way and see them all the time just walking down the street. I have to snicker every time a "Missing cat" notice goes on a pole in the neighbor hood. You want to tell them their cat's not missing, it's Coyote skat in the green belt. Good luck with knee surgery.

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