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I'll take one of the last two slots, I have been tying for more than two years, but I am not a pro by any means. I have a peacock and cdc that seems to work mpst places.
Icconrad and Stokes, your in and, unless I miscounted, the swap is full. Thanks to all who are playing, now get busy tying. If all the flies are in before the deadline date of July 26th, I'll mail them out early.

Caddis Caster, could you drop me an e-mail. My addy is in my profile.

For all swappers, if you have any questions about the swap please feel free to drop an e-mail my way (none of that what's the meaning of life questions).


Just bumping this back up.
ICConrad has the distinction of being the first to have his flies in. They arrived, safe and sound in a crushproof container with an address label firmly affixed. Not only did he send us one "go-to" fly he sent his two best for each of you. Dandy looking flies, Bud. The rest of you are gonna have to wait to see these though. (yeah, even my wife.)

In by e-mail. Grizzly 6 and Flip (really, Flip said so)will be mailing their flies in the next couple of days. This swap is shaping up very nicely, so far. Early in, early out. Thanks for being so prompt, makes being a swapmeister easier and prevents the "Swap Nazi" syndrome mentioned in another thread.

Wow, flies are in already! I just now figured out what I am going to tie. I guess I need to get rolling, I mean tying or I will be the last one in.

That's okay, Lastcall, just don't let Flip beat you. That would be hard to live down in the fly swap circles. Just kidding. I just tied up my favorite go together flies. Of course they can also be used alone, but as a dry and a dropper they work great.

Just a quick update. I won't be around to check the mail until Monday. I'm getting together with a bunch of other Indians to do some singing, dancing and feasting. No fireworks there.

Have a great 4th of July celebration and be safe.

Just got in a nice set of flies this afternoon, but there is no name of the tyer or the fly included. They are a nice small beadhead that looks like they would dredge a fish out of the deepest hole. Sure would like to put a name to them. If you sent them (in an old check box) please let me know who you are and the name of that gorgeous little fly.

Hope everyone had a safe and sane 4th and is back home with all our fingers, toes and eyes.

Just in by PM, Caddis Caster has his flies complete and will be mailed shortly.

Madison, Great, I thought those little beauts might be yours. Very nicely done.

You folks are gonne be soooooo pleased with the flies from this swap.


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