G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod****SwitchRod?????


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Would the G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod be a true Switch Rod?

And why?

If so I would truly appreciate any help in purchasing the proper lines, heads & leaders to allow me to cover various types of conditions.

I would like to use the rod as a Switch Rod and be able to learn the type of casts associated, ie...The Snap-T, Traditional Spey, Scandinavian (Scandi) and Skagit (Pacific Northwest) styles of fly casting.

Is this a pipe dream?
Is this doable?
Is this going to be a tough task to learn with this Rod?

So many questions!!!

I've been using this Rod as an overhead casting Steelhead Rod, with a WF-8 line for nymphing and dry fly, with a Teeny sink tip for streamer and nymphing & with a running line for
PM Chuck & Duck nymphing.

It has been an awesome Rod for a dozen years, my favorite Steehead Rod of all time by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would just love it if this turned out to be a Switch Rod Gem!!!

Thank you anyone for any help you can give me!

May the waters always move you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jeffo
Wulff Ambush in the grain window mentioned above would be a good starter line to use. Or you could call Steve Godshall (SGS) and spend a few minutes talking with him. His ability to match lines to your technique & rod is amazing; there's a reason you never see his lines for sale used. They work.


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G. Loomis first developed that rod for the Deschutes about 12 or 13 years ago. Switch rods were still relatively unpopular then (at least commercially). Leroy Teeple was instrumental in testing the rod and working with Steve Rajeff to get it dialed in. Leroy could probably give you a good idea of where to start line-wise and how it performs compared to todays switch rods. I cast one over ten years ago, even landed a coho on it--but we didn't have anything like today's lines back then and I couldn't cast for shit anyways.


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At that length this is a full on spey rod. To, perhaps, over generalize a switch will be 10' to 12' 6" Over that and you've got a full on 2hander. That said, odd as the rod designation may be, this would fall into the switch range.

Mr. 'Y's' comment above is 'spot on.' Would appear this is a overly long single hander rod.


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