Who makes this boat (fiberglass runabout)?

My neighbor is giving me a boat. Now I know there's no such thing as a free boat; there's obviously going to be some expense in getting this one into the kind of shape I want it in. It seems sound though, and just neglected.

It's a 16' fiberglass runabout, with a Mariner 60 outboard motor. I don't know who makes it. That's an issue, since the Vessel Title Application requires listing the boat manufacturer.

The VIN plate has been painted over by someone, and while the VIN is still nice and clear I can't read the manufacturer's logo. I am hoping that someone here will recognize it and can provide some insight into who makes this boat:

The boat itself looks to be in solid shape, but has been sitting for a long time. There's about 5" of standing water in front of the bench seat, but the rest appears dry. There's water stains about 8" deep there, so the recent warm weather probably is a factor.

Any idea who makes this?


Drain all the water out and then, let it drain in a raised position for at least a couple more weeks. Check daily to see if you are still losing water. Once she is good and dry, rap on the glass and decking with your hand to see if there are any squishy spots. A lot of times when water sits in a boat for a time, it can get below decks and you can develop rot. If you have it, you will need to go in and cut it out. Rot is like a cancer--it lives and grows. Nice boat, though. Have fun with your project.

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