MA 9 - 9/22


MA-9 Beach Stalker
Sage One 9'6" 8wt with a Bauer Mackenzie Super Lite 4 reel and Scientific Angler Streamer Express 300 grain clear tip intermediate fly line. A 6wt would work just fine in most (but not all) situations from the beach.
I do whatever SF and DB say! :cool: I've used my 9'6" 6wt Sage Z-axis mostly, but I think I'll be using my 9' 8wt Redington RS4 for the remainder of the coho season and for chum later on.


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Thanks Guys. I've been out 3-4 times and am using a Sage One 9'6wt (an amazing gift from my future father-in-law) with a SA intermediate clear line on a Galvan Spoke reel. Seem about right for silvers but I can see how an 8wt would be helpful in the wind. 2+ hrs of casting and my shoulder is about to fall off but I know I need to work-out the beach casting technique since I grew up fishing mostly from a drift boat.

Still in the discovery phase and I'm looking forward to the day when I can post something similar to Jason about my first strike/hook-up.


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What rod (length/weight) are you using/most guys using from the beach?
Redington 9'0" 8 wt Super Sport
Sage 4280
RIO Striper Line in a 8 wt intermediate

The Striper line is fun to cast. It is not as aggressive as the Outbounds I'm used to casting but handles big flies and moderate wind quite well. If the wind is blowing @ 8 mph or more I'd go with the Outbound. It also, unlike most beach lines, has an intermediate weight running line which seems to help me get a little deeper.

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