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Went to Dry Falls April 3rd. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and forcasted to be 65 in Moses Lake. Fish were good sized. Water was 49 degrees in main lake and 55 in the shallows. Fish were a little sluggish compared to previous trips. Wind was ok.
Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

Wow that's surprising temps., I waz there yesterday (Monday 8th. April) and water temp waz 45 in the morning and highest I saw waz 47 in a shallow bay in the afternoon.
I got 8-9 fish on chironomids, but the best bite was on olive minileaches stripped fast on a fast sink line. Couple guys got 20+ doing that.
Fish are mostly all holding in shallow water yet.
Thanks for the info. Now here is how my recent trip went. I went for a two day trip to dry falls tuesday & Wedsday, it was cloudy and it rained once in a while on tuesday but still caught a few fish. My best day was Wedsday, i caught 8 fish on an ice-cream cone chironomid. I heard of a fellow catching many fish on a "Chernobyl Chironomid" but i have never seen or heard of such a fly. If anyone has, could they give me a hint on what it is. thanks ghetto :BIGSMILE


You just have to keep up on all the rules. They changed some of the rules. The lake opened up on April 1st. Check with WDFW. I don't know if this web site has a link to it, but it would be nice. Jim :pROFESSOR After I wrote what I wrote I checked it out and there is a link. It's under Helpful agencies(sp).
Fished Dry Falls April 13th - 14th. Saturday was fairly nice, sunny with a few clouds - very windy however, (as usual in spring and was expected). On water from 10:30am to dusk. Not too crowded, lot about half full, saw it all - floatubes, pontoons, a drift boat, a canoe, and two kyaks even!

Best sucess was along the cliffy NW side of "island" (but not the "canal" area). WetCel II w/ #6 beadhead marabou dragon brought 3 to net - all RB's - avg. 16" to 20". About 10 -15' down. No browns.
Wind finally died down at dusk, was lucky w/ #18 Griffith Gnat for surface midge activity. Short lived however.

Sunday, weather a real mixed bag for early spring: rain, wind, even a few snowflakes, some more wind- ya get the picture - bundle up!
Today used floating line and #14 black chronomid ("conehead - with white bead, black V-rib, peacock thorax). Under indicator on 12' leader. Same general area of water along the island. Also in the little bay around corner under the swallows. Good size fish, but they are not fighting real robust - may be the cold water temps still.

All in all a good wkend, St Park CG isn't crowded at all (weather played a role ;-)
Still early in season, no damsels, no mayflys yet. Noting the wx and water temp - on that Saturday I used Wadelites and got chilled, stuck to 3mil neoprene on Sunday and me in the tube were much more comfortable.


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