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I was experimenting with some Crease flies and decided to try a little more clamping power than a clothespin. I really like the way a big bar clamp crushes down the foam and glue plus it pushes the hook shank into just the right position. There is a little crushed up excess foam / glue that squeezes out below put that's easily removed with scissors and leaves maximum hook gape for a popper type fly. Some of the sparkle foams come with adhesive already but it's not strong enough to last for more than a fish or two. I use doll eyes because they add buoyancy and they add rattle: fish probably never actually see them.

Hook: Mustad 34011 in 2/0
Tail/Wing: Choice of color over White with flash synthetic (I like Mirror Image)
Underbody: Red 2mm foam
Body: Sparkle colored 2mm foam
Eyes: Doll eyes
Glue: GOOP
Special Tool: Bar Clamp

Step 1: Tie in tail / wing approx length of hook

Step 2: Cut Red Foam and body foam in a trapezoidal shape

Step 3 prestep: Adjust bar clamp to approximately 1 inch gap

Step 3:Apply GOOP to body foam and both side of underbody foam. Put a little extra towards the tail. Fold foam in half over the shank of the hook with the wider end of the foam just behind the hook eye. Squeeze clamp 1/16" from the edges of foam together under the hook. Apply significant pressure to crush the foam under the hook and push the hook into the body

Step 4: After fly has dried in clamp for 6hrs to overnight undo clamp and pop fly free (whatever compound the rubbery jaws of the clamp are made of does not seem to stick to the GOOP much if at all)

Notice the crushed foam on the underside of the hook that will be trimmed away

Step 5: After trimming there is almost no material under the hook

Step 6: GOOP on some doll eyes in your favorite color

Step 7: Go catch some fish

For Futurama watchers: You want I should clamp him?


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