Bamboo people...Tell me about a PMQ


dead in the water
In a post about rod building tools, Mike Monsos posted this link to building a PQM rod (Poor Man's Quad). It's a square rod made from two pieces of bamboo and it appears to be a fairly basic entry into the world of bamboo rods.

But what are they like to fish? In all honesty, while I would love to learn rod building, my time is so limited and precious these days that the time spent building even a basic rod is going to be time stolen from somewhere else. If a PQM fishes well, then it would be worth it. If it is just sort of a real basic way to have a bamboo rod without any of the fun of bamboo, then I think I'm better off saving up money and begging a bamboo builder for a budget rod someday down the road.
Hey Josh,

Try this for helping decide if you will be happy with the casting action. About a quarter of the way down the archive Robert Kope's PMQ was given high marks. From what I have read the shorter rod tapers are quite nice. I cast a quad at the Corbett Lake Gathering this year and it was real nice. If my memory is right I think it was a two strip that Tom Fulk of Anacortes had made.

Dive on in, the water is fine! The fun thing about bamboo rod making is that you can control every aspect of the rod's action by altering the taper as you like. Or you can go with the proven favorites and enjoy the results on your favorite water.


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