Few Questions

Hey Guys,

So I am just about fully setup and ready to wrap a couple of rods. I still have a couple of questions and am looking for any advice.

I had been referenced to Sevier Manufacturing and TIger Eye as a good cheap option for blanks in the past. His website is still up and phone still on but I cant get any response. Is this guy still in buisness? I like the color of these blanks and it fits the budget.

If Tiger Eye isnt an option any nice cheaper 4 piece 5 weight blanks out there?

What size thread do you use for wrapping your guides? Two are available on most sites A and D.

Are most preformed cork grips not inletted? I prefer to use inletted real seats and am wondering if I need to buy a crafty's cutter to inlet for myself.

What guides do most rod's use? I want to make a quality rod that will last a long time and am really surprised at how expensive guide sets can be. Titanium/Hopkins Halloway/Snake Guides etc. What would you recommend? I dont want to break the bank but dont want to cheap out either.

I am looking for a simple black real seat with inletted hood. Pac Bay appears to have some cheaper options but in their ads they have Pac Bay written on them and I dont like this, any advice? Also dont want to spend a ton here.

Thanks for any help,
You will have fun Josh. I am working on just my third rod, the first was a Tiger Eye. I just kept calling Dave back in Indiana and once I reached him I had the blank in 3 days.

Rob Ast

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Any of the Batson guide sets are fine. You can use the Recoil, Hopkins, etc but they're not necessary. Hook & hackle often has Rainshadow or Forecast kits with reel seat, cork, guides and thread included for 25-30% off which makes them pretty competitive. Most of the reel seat manufactures also sell cork grips with the appropriate inletting, no need to buy a cutter unless you are turning your own grips.

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