A Cast and blast?


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Left the house a little early and stopped by one of the north Sound "S' rivers for some potential sea-run cutthroat action on my way to met a couple buddies at a local pheasant release site.

A very foggy morning and had only a hour to fish but the cutts seemed to be on the move and willing to play. Managed a dozen fish to hand include a couple in the 17/18 inch class. All the fish on spiders fished on 5 wt and sink tip.

We hunted behind a buddy's two German wire hairs who did their usual excellent job of hunting hard and finding birds. The first two hours hunted in thick fog with slow action. One bird pointed and killed. The fog lifted at noon and shortly after it was game on. A hour later we had our 6 birds; going 6 for 7 with one wild flush with no shot.

Classic upland hunting with browning doubles and pointing dogs!

Good I love the PNW in the fall!


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