NFR Ryder Cup Meltdown


Not to be confused with Freestone
Davis Love received personal well wishes from 3 presidents, but the sitting one was noticeably absent. Could he have been secretly rooting for the blue team?
Sitting president was waiting to congratulate the winning US team.

But for DLIII's dumb idea about shelving Bradley and Phil to keep them fresh for Sunday, we'd have won. Piss poor idea putting the oldest guy on the team to play 36 holes two days in a row. Stricker's play and DLIII's decision to play him cost us the cup.


Not to be confused with Freestone
Have to agree about the overuse of Stricker...the tea leaves from his prior play were pretty easy to read. As for the no call by BHO to wish the team success, I still say that's piss poor...particularly considering how much friggin golf the tax payers have paid for to date :D


Yeah that sucks. I hope the PGA does something different in nameing the next captain. I am sick of 52 year old ex-tour player who bring zero authority to the party. I have three names.

1. Captain Jack Nicklaus - He would tell Tiger and Stricker to take seat if he felt like it. I feel like every other captain ends up bowing to Tigers resume.
2. Captain Tiger Woods - I have a feeling Tiger would play his way onto the team and buy into the Ryder Cup hook line and sinker for the first time.
3. Captain Fred Couples - Who gives a shit? Everybody loves Boom Boom!

I bogeyed 16 and 18 today. I feel the pain. FUUUUUUUUUUDGE!