Beulah 10'8" 7 weight Platinum Switch for Michigan and westcoast steelhead


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I am looking at the Beulah 10'8" 7 weight Platinum Switch, but need help matching with reel, line, and heads?

Jack Devlin

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I have a Beulah 10'8" 7 wt Platinum Switch and I am very happy with it. I went with Beulah's line recommendations (Tonic and Elixir) and they seem fine. There are many lining options out there. As far as the reel goes, I use an old Medalist 1495 1/2. So many reel choices. Depends on your tastes and wallet. A good fly shop will steer you in the right direction. Hope this helps.
I have the Tonic and Elixir heads for this rod... 425 and 375 gr are money! i was thinking of putting a Rage head on my rod... the Rajeff Sports recommendation is 480gr... This doesn't quite sound right actually. does anyone have any input on a Rage head for the 7108 Beulah Platinum?
I talked to Bruce Berry, the NW Beulah rep, about that very subject the other day. He said that Rajeff Sports had made a mistake and was using the Spey recommendations for the Switch rod. And in fact if you look at the Plat. 7wt Spey recs, they are identical to the Switch recs.

Jon Brengan

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I like the Ross CLA's too, I purchased the Cabela's RLS - mostly because in talking to the cabelas rep he said the RLS was made for Cabelas by Ross. So far it's been an acceptional reel. I know a Beulah rep from Oregon, he swears by them, of course he gets a pro deal and sells them but he's a great fly fisher and I've spent a few years coveting his casting skills....maybe that last part isn't anything to do with the rod, but good equipment always helps.


I cast macs on Sunday. The 425 Rio Skagit short was super on that stick. We also tried the 420 Rage and it was extremely nice. That is one sweet little stick.

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