Lone lake report

I am one of those friends, I did a lot of fishing and not a lot of catching but nothing beats a day on the water (even though the water has a green tint)

Elephant fly

...tastes like chicken....
Fished it today. There were only 4 boats on the lake but everybody caught fish. Things shut off about 1:00 but until then folks caught fish on buggers, leeches and one guy was getting them on some Canadian fly in orange, called a sparkle fly or something like that.

I ended up with four in the net to 17" and missed about a dozen more.....had a tough time hooking up today. No top water action until I left at 2:00.

Although I have had a couple of spectacular days on this lake fishing chiros, I got no action at all today with them. There was modest midge hatching going on all day but nothing heavy.

I fish this lake quite a bit and would give today an "average' rating. Seen better and seen worse.
Thanks for the report, Elephant. Sounds like I may need to wander up there one of these days. Just started fishing it this past year and it has quickly grown on me

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