Swap How about a Junior Fly Swap?

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
Yeah!:beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1

Actually I really don't like the way bear tasts, but then again I've really haven't tried that many types and only a couple sips at that.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
backyard, that made me laugh, alot. Anyways, i dont like the way bear tastes, kinda greasy, but beer on the other hand is a lot better.

Ynfishingfool, or whateveri, cant ever remember ur name, have u ever done a swap before??? Read my coment about us getting to choose our own flies, cause i think that we should really do it that way, any other way and it kinda limits what we are allowed to tie. Anyways, if u want me to run the swap i can do it, ive participated in 7 swaps and ran 1 of them.
Backyard, if you make it a case of Corona, I'll send you two dozen 2/0 marabou flesh flies.(custom for you of course) :thumb :beer2 :beer1
Winston, no I have never done a swap before and I am glad you would like to be the mod, so the honor is yours if you still want it. I say you may also make the final call on the TWO catagories of flies we will be tying.(Nymph and salmon/steelhead, right?) Like I put in my final reply of 6/26, lets close the entries at noon today(6/27).

FYI- I was joking about the beer. Beer sucks. It tastes gross. I will say beer does taste better than "bear" though.:D }(
IT IS NOW NOON! SWAP ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! But don't worry, we'll have another soon if this one goes smoothly.

Aaron, its not so much where the bear gets milked to give the beer, but the secret is in how long it ferments. The final product is actually warm Budweiser.

I went back and looked our discussion over and I noticed that we have two offers for the moderator position. So, fishingjunky and Winston, you guys hurry up and figure out who wants to do it. Get back ASAP, cause I'm itching to get tyin'!!:thumb

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
Ok. I'm gona take charge here. We have 7 tyers. Each person will either tie 14 of the same fly, or 7 of 2 different flies. Tie what ever patterns you like. Streamers, saltwater, warmwater, nymphs, dies, steelhead, etc. The theme of this swap is for the Juniors to show off what they can do. To do this, we have to be able to tie what ever we want.

Flies are due Agust 1st!

Send them to me, and I'll decide if I want to send any back! }(

Jay Allyn
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Get tying!
Excellent! OK ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, start your bobbins!

Tyers signed up:
Winston IM6
Winston IM6
madison angler

Besides fishingjunky15 and Winston, can everybody on the list confirm their participation please.

fishingjunky15 is in charge now. Take the wheel pal. :thumb

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Thank god junky, I think ur rules make alot more sense than having to choose a catogory and tie flies that fit it. Anyways, i will do 7 flies of 2 patterns. I will prob tie a few more that the moderator can keep in thanx to he/she for hosting the swap. I will be tying 2 flies that seem to never fail me, but im not giving up recipies here online. I dont have names for them, but when i think of them i will post them.

"its not the fly, its how u fish it"

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
Ok. Glad we got this sorted out. I'll tie my favorite chum fly, I tied it for the chum swap but I found a different color combo that worked better. I hooked around 30 chums one day on it at my zipper chum creek. As for my other fly I'll have to think about that.
Alright! The only person yet to check in is flip. Well he'll show up eventually. Junky, I will also enclose an extra fly or two for your time. Thanks guys for making this idea a success. We are the first group to do this guys! Were makin history, or something.:thumb Flies in August 1st. Lets keep this post going with updates and progress stuff. Thanks again guys.:beer2