Scandi Short on 11'6" 6/7 Batson

Been playing around with the Blue Boy a little lately but have an old Orvis multitip spey line on it that I'm not loving. Was thinking about trying a Rio scandi short on it (maybe 425gr). I know a few of you guys have these rods, anyone have any suggestions?


I had a couple of rods built for my nephews, 12'6", 6 wt. and wound up putting Ambush lines on them. They cast extremely well. You might want to try one of those. I have a 480 on my 7 wt. TCX. It's very well so that may help with your grain window.


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I had that rod for a while. RIO 5/6 AFS [340gr @ 34'] was ultra sweet on it. With a shorter [compact] head I wouldn't think over 360 'ish' area. 420gr was skagit load.

Great blanks.. best of luck.


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I have 7 and 8 wt scandi shorts and I see no reason why a 6wt scandi short wouldn't cast/fish just fine with a on that rod. They are a nice hybrid between a full on skagit line and a longer scandi shooting head and cast tips remarkably well, even up to 10' of t-11.


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Any line around 400 gr should cast well on that rod. Mine gets a lot of use, big water and small. I use a 400 Skagit on mine, also recently got a 360 Vector, which is very nice for floating line work.

Thanks SG. I have an ARC1287 that I usually use for throwing skagits with tips, but I really like that little Batson, so I think that I'll try your suggestion and pick up a 400 gr Skagit flight as well. What kind of tips have you been able to throw with that, 10ft T-11 or heavier?


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I mostly use 10' fast sink poly leaders by Airflow. Or 10' of T-8. 400 gr is not a very heavy head, and while it will probably throw heavier tips than I've tried with it, I like to keep things comfortable. I use a heavier rod when I want to cast heavier tips.


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