First point equal triple crown

Rick Todd

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I love the photos Tom! I agree with Upton that the dog work is at least 90% of the enjoyment of bird hunting. I recently got back from the pheasant opener in Montana and my 4 yo English Setter was REALLY on her game. She has it figured out much better than last year and I was fortunate to shoot my 9 bird possession limit over her points and she retrieved most to hand. Just a lot of fun! I will be over at our Winthrop place Thursday-Sunday and have a choice of steelhead, lake fishing and quail down valley-don't you love fall? I will get down to the Pateros area for some quail hunting for sure. Rick

Jim Ficklin

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Looking forward to it, Tom. I skipped the Pheasant opener . . . had to say goodbye to my 12-year-old Jack Russell last weekend; it pretty much devastated me. The magnificent heart in that 9-pound body failed suddenly. I took this last week off, but didn't hunt; hung-out with Hank, who is equally lost & still searching the place for "The Boss." Sadie was quite a furry child & will be missed.